• Saturday, March 14, 2020

Today we released our new client portal design. As you can see we went with a much more simplistic design. While our last client design was nice and flashy, it had many drawbacks including:

  • The design was a nightmare to upgrade. Our billing system vendor releases regular updates through out the year. Each time they release an upgrade, we need to upgrade the theme that goes along with the billing system. Well the theme developers tend to add new features on each release, causing us to have to rebuild the theme from scratch each time and reapply our custom integrations. This would take us around 1-2 weeks to do each time.

    With this new theme, they have included a system to assist with these hurdles, making the upgrades much easier and only taking a couple hours.
  • The theme designers of our last theme were not the greatest with support and fixing issues we found.
  • On each new release of the theme we would have to go though the entire theme and fix multiple issues that were included with each theme release. Since their support was not very helpful, it was left on us to locate and fix these on each release.

We feel this theme also integrates better into our website. We have a huge amount of visitors to our knowledgebase and with the old portal, our brand was lost as there was no header or footer presenting our services. With this new design we were able to include the backbone of our website and better present our services.

We still have some more features we want to integrate and will be working on these over the next few weeks.