• Sunday, March 3, 2013
This week our Semi-Dedicated plans just got a couple upgrades. The first upgrade is that we have doubled the bandwidth for free on all SD packages. A nice little present for our current and new customers. :)

The second upgrade that is coming this week is the introduction of CloudLinux to our Semi-Dedicated Line. CloudLinux is a backend system/kernel that we have been running on our shared hosting for for over a year and a half. In this time we have seen great results in the terms of increased security and stability. The main feature that CloudLinux introduces is the technology to stop one account from abusing system resources and taking down the server. 

Now we know what current customers are thinking, this is a Semi-Dedicated server and I don't want to lose my processing power. We ensure this will not be the case with this transition. We will be allocating more than sufficient resources for each account so that it will not effect the speed, processing power, or ram usage of your account. The limits set within Cloudlinux will be high enough to allow more than your usual processing power, but will be low enough to prevent any account from taking down the server or effecting the stability of others on the server. Cloudlinux also includes a number of security addons that will increase the security of all user sites and cpanel accounts, a major plus for any server. 

We hope you enjoy the upgrades and keep your eyes pealed for some exciting upcoming changes to our Semi-Dedicated "Business" Hosting. hint...hint.