• Sunday, November 17, 2013
For some time now, there has been a confusion of what Semi-Dedicated Hosting really is. Some providers brand Semi-Dedicated as a VPS server or like our plans, it is an enhanced shared hosting plan with increased resources, limited number of accounts per server, and more freedom than our regular shared hosting. Because of this we felt it was time to re-brand our Semi-Dedicated hosting to Enterprise hosting.

This re-branding does not effect any of the specs of the plan and rather just the name of the plan itself as seen below: 

Semi-Dedicated 1 --> Enterprise 1
Semi-Dedicated 2 --> Enterprise 2
Semi-Dedicated 3 --> Enterprise 3

Due to this re-branding we decided to make some changes to a couple of our shared hosting plan names. The entire changes are below:

Personal --> Professional
Enterprise --> Corporate

As stated earlier, this does not change any of your current package specs or resources. We feel these changes will avoid the constant confusion we have dealt with over the past couple years.