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 How do I block visitors from my site?

Create a .htaccess file and add the following code--changing the IPs to suit your needs--each command on one line each: order allow,deny deny from deny from 012.34.5. allow from all You...

 How do I test my Web Site before moving the domain name to my new server?

Once your have your web site configured on your new server (or hosting account), you should test the site before making changes to your DNS records at your old hosting provider and/or registrar....

 Netherlands Servers Show U.S. IP

If you do a whois on any of our Netherlands hosting server ips, you might get a result that shows the location as United States. Because PhoenixNAP is a registered U.S company, the ips are...

 What are the nameservers that I can use for my account?

The nameservers for our web hosting service are the following. Please note these are anonymous nameservers and only visible to our active customers: ns1.megpanel.com - IP Address: (

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