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 Does your PHP installation include IonCube loaders?

Yes, the latest IonCube loaders are available by default with our PHP installations on all our servers.

 How do I access MySQL remotely?

For security and performance reasons, we do not allow Remote MySQL on any of our shared or reseller hosting plans.When MySQL is enabled for remote access, it has negative impacts on the server and...

 Is it possible to have folders with 777 permissions?

Sometimes it is required that certain folders have 777 / 666 permissions in order for PHP scripts to be able to write inside them. This is especially true...

 What is the path to ImageMagick?

All ImageMagick (alternative spellings ImageMagic, ImageMagik) binaries are located in: /usr/bin/ The path to ImageMagick’s most popular binary ‘convert‘ is:...

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