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Common billing questions and issues are addressed.

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At MonsterMegs we take Fraud very seriously.

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 How to Generate Private Key for SSL Certificate Using Cpanel

Before you can generate a KEY file, you must first be sure your account has ordered a Dedicated IP Address. If you do not have a Dedicated IP Address you will not see the icons in your control panel to generate a KEY or Install an SSL...

 CloudFlare is working on www.mysite.com, but not mysite.com without the www?

CloudFlare can only accelerate and protect CNAMES. Since your root domain is an A record, we recommend that you forward your traffic to ‘www’ through your .htaccess file. If you do not forward the traffic, then any traffic...

 How to install WHMCS billing platform

How to install WHMCS billing platform In order to install WHMCS billing platform  the license key is required. MonsterMegs.com provides WHMCS licenses at $12.95/mo. If you need one, feel free to contact...

 I Can't Access My Website / Unblock IP From Firewall

If you cannot access your website but other users on a different ISP can, this is most likely due to your IP address being blocked by our server's firewall, most probably due to multiple failed login attempts (cPanel, FTP, Mail, etc)....

 CloudFlare and W3 Total Cache Plugin

CloudFlare and W3 Total Cache's (W3TC) missions are aligned: making sites perform as fast as possible. If you're a WordPress user, W3TC runs on your server and helps optimize your database and content production. After that, CloudFlare...

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