Before you can generate a KEY file, you must first be sure your account has ordered a Dedicated IP Address. If you do not have a Dedicated IP Address you will not see the icons in your control panel to generate a KEY or Install an SSL Cert. Please contact customer support at to request a Dedicated IP or you can place an order here. (must be logged in).

    1. Log into your control panel
    2. Click the SSL MANAGER icon (or "SSL/TLS Manager")
    3. Click the Private Keys icon (or "Generate, view, upload or delete your private keys")
    4. Scroll down to Generate a New Key and select the domain you wish to use with the SSL certificate.


Please be sure to type www in the box preceding the domain name if you want the certificate to be on, because if you've configured your store to work with www, you will get errors with the certificate running on the domain without the www.

If you want the ssl cert to be on a subdomain such as "" you will first need to create the subdomain in cpanel, then type the subdomain in the box here when generating the key.


  1. After you have selected the domain you wish to use, choose the key size (either 1024 or 2048 bit depending on the kind of certificate you are purchasing--check with the certificate vendor for what to choose here). Finally, click on Generate to create the public key file

Copy this information to a text file for later use. You can still retrieve the KEY file from the server at a later time, however should something happen to the server and the key file is lost, you may need to purchase a new SSL Cert should you need to change information at a later date.

If you have not already purchased an SSL Certificate, you can place an order for a SSL Certificate here. Once you have a private key, your next step is to create a Certificate Signing Request. Click here for information: "How to Generate a CSR"

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