International Characters in Domains - IDN

Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs) allow internet users to access domains in their own language; however, if you were to try adding the domain οικοδεσπότης-γάτορ.gr to your cPanel, you would receive an error about special characters. The following instructions will guide you through adding an IDN to your cPanel.

Encode the IDN

To avoid the special characters error in cPanel, you will need to get the Punycode (ACE) version of the domain. It will have a xn-- prefix. You can use to encode your domain.

For οικοδεσπότης-γάτορ.gr the Punycode version is

Add the IDN to cPanel

You can add the encoded domain (in the example above, this would be: as an addon/parked domain in cPanel.

This will also work when signing up for a hosting account. Just sign up with the encoded IDN (in the example above, this would be: and your special characters should work!
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