What MX Records Do I Need To Use With SpamExperts Email Filtering?

IMPORTANT: This Article Only Applies To Users Using Our Email Spam Filter Service

To route the incoming email for your domain through SpamExperts, you have to change your MX records. Please edit the MX records for your domain to the following: 

  • mx.spamexperts.com (priority 10)
  • fallbackmx.spamexperts.eu (priority 20)
  • lastmx.spamexperts.net (priority 30)
Depending on the TTL settings, the changes may take some time to propagate. Please also note that spammers tend to deliver for quite some time to old cached MX records; you can check in the email headers if the message has passed the SpamExperts filtering nodes.

Please Note: If using cPanel to edit the MX records please ensure the delivery system is set to "Local" and not "Remote" as this will result in an error if not set correctly.

For more information on managing MX Records and Email Routing, please click here.

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