What is CloudLinux?

What is CloudLinux?

CloudLinux is the first commercial OS that meets the specific needs and demands of web hosting. Imagine if servers going down due to one customer suddenly hogging all the resources was no longer possible. CloudLinux makes rock hard hosting stability a reality. We used to accept that servers will go down during heavy resource spikes and you deal with it by being responsive. CloudLinux does it better by isolating and controlling resource spikes to prevent entire servers going down.

All MonsterMegs shared and reseller hosting accounts come with CloudLinux pre-installed with no configuration required by the customer.

Things you need to know

  • Resource Statistics - Every cPanel account will report your hosting accounts resource usage on the left hand side under the Quick Stats section. You may also click on the Resource Usage icon under the Logs section. You can use these tools to help you monitor your sites resource usage to determine whether you need to optimize your site or upgrade.

  • Tenant Isolation - If in the event that your site receives a large number of visitors or is using too many resources, our system will automatically adjust to try and accommodate the demand. If however you're exceeding your limits, your site will be slowed down temporarily to prevent any outages for other customers. All other customers sites will continue to work at full speed.

Error Codes

  • 500 Internal Server Error - If you see an 500 error appear randomly, this is because our system is limiting you for exceeding your memory limit. You will have the ability to optimize your site to prevent this error from occurring by using caching plugins, optimizing code, etc. Note: This error code is also common when incorrect permissions or file types are uploaded to the server. If you're not sure, you can always contact our support and we'll be able to help you determine the issue. However, you can check yourself by looking at the Resource Statistics in your control panel to see if you're hitting your limit.

  • 503 Error - You will see this error when your account has exceeded the maximum number of concurrent connections allowed to your account. This will self manage it self as your connections fluctuate.

My site feels like it's going slower than usual.

Please log into your control panel and click on the Resource Usage icon under the Logs section. From there, you will be able to see your if your site was limited in any way, you will see an indication such as: "CPU resources were limited for your site" or "Memory resources were limited for your site". Click on [Details]. You will be able to see indepth details on why your site was slowed down. Any values in RED will indicate that you exceeded the limit, which is what caused the slow down.

I've done all that I can to optimize and still get errors

This is an indication that you have outgrown the shared environment. You will need to upgrade to an account suitable for your resource usage, such as Semi-Dedicated Hosting. Please contact our support and we'll be able to advise you on the best route and help you with the migration process.

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