CloudFlare and W3 Total Cache Plugin

CloudFlare and W3 Total Cache's (W3TC) missions are aligned: making sites perform as fast as possible. If you're a WordPress user, W3TC runs on your server and helps optimize your database and content production. After that, CloudFlare takes over and our globally distributed network (also known as a Content Delivery Network, or CDN) ensures your site's content is delivered as fast as possible while, at the same time, preventing attacks from harming your site.

With W3TC v0.9.3, you can now manage several of the CloudFlare features directly from the W3TC control panel. The W3TC plugin now also will also ensure that your visitors' IP addresses appear correctly in WordPress without your needing the CloudFlare WordPress plugin or the mod_cloudflare Apache module.

You can download the W3TC plugin here with the full CloudFlare integration:

If you're already a CloudFlare user, you'll just need to enter your account information and API Key, which you can find on your CloudFlare Account page.

If you haven't yet signed up for CloudFlare, simply follow the sign up link from the W3TC interface and you can be up and running in about 5 minutes.

Compatibility with CloudFlare WordPress Plugin

Currently the W3 Total Cache Plugin does not include the spam reporting capability of the CloudFlare WordPress plugin. If you use the 'Report as Spam' functionality in WordPress, then you should use both plugins. If you do not use the 'Report as Spam' functionality, then you only need to use the W3TC plugin.

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