CloudFlare WordPress Plugin

CloudFlare has developed a plugin for WordPress. By using the CloudFlare Wordpress Plugin, you receive:

  • Correct IP Address information for comments. See Log_Files for more information on why this is important..
  • Optimization of your server database. See WordPressDBOptimizer for more information. (Optional)

Install the CloudFlare WordPress Plugin

Notes: This plugin only provides original IP at the WordPress commenting level. If you need original visitor IP at the server level, please installmod_cloudflare

W3 Total Cache and CloudFlare

CloudFlare is also integrated with v0.9.3 of W3 Total Cache. If you are using the W3TC plugin, you only need to also use the CloudFlare WordPress plugin if you use the 'Report as Spam' functionality. Currently, none of the spam reporting functionality is compatible with the W3TC plugin, so it is recommended that you use both plugins. CloudFlare is working with the W3TC team to incorporate this functionality.

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