After using Filezilla FTP I am not able to access my website

Need to edit how your FTP client is connecting to your web site?  If you have too many concurrent connections, you risk the chance that the shared server you are on blocking you.  Here is some help for FileZilla users on how you can set or bump down the max concurrent connections via FTP.

Here is how you modify FileZilla's max concurrent connections for every site you connect to.

Step 1
Start up the FTP program FileZilla, and then go to Edit and then Settings.

Step 2
Under the left sidebar menu on the Settings window, you should see a Transfers option.  Click it.

Step 3
Under Concurrent transfers, you have the label, "Maximum simultaneous transfers:", then a text box with a numeric value in it.  Make sure that number is 3 or less.  It is recommended to keep this value at 1 if possible, because little difference is often seen and having multiple connections would slow down your uploads in the long run. If the value is more than 3, you risk being blocked.  

Step 4
Hit the button labeled, "OK" ad then exit out of FileZilla and start it up again for the changes to go in effect.  

To change the max number of concurrent FTP connections on a per-site basis, you need to File, and then Site Manager.  Click on the saved web site you wish to edit, then click on the "Transfer Settings" tab.  Change the value in the text box listed there to 3 or less, hit the button labeled, "OK" then disconnect and restart FileZilla for the changes to go in effect.

For those of you having problems with too many concurrent connections via FTP, making these changes should guarantee you do not have the problem again.

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