What is your billing policy?

Notification of Invoices
Invoices are created ten (10) days in advance of the invoice due date. This allows you an opportunity to update any billing information that may have changed on the account since the last billing period. To update your payment method, please log onto your client area at https://my.monstermegs.com and click on the Change Credit Card link under Account Settings located on the sidebar.

Late Fees
Your method of payment on file will automatically be billed on the date the invoice is due. A late fee of $10.00 will be applied to your account if payment is not received within five (5) days after the invoice due date. You will be notified that a late fee has been assessed to your account and you will not receive any further notifications.

Account Suspension
If your account balance and late fee is not brought current within five (5) days of your invoice due date, your account is automatically suspended. Once your account is suspended all services associated with your account are turned off and will no longer function.

Invoices not paid after thirty (30) days will result in termination and your account will be permanently deleted. Please note that you will continue to be responsible for all past due balances.

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