What happens when my account reaches LVE limits? Diagnosing and resolving.

When RAM or web-server threads limit is reached, 503 errors start appearing on your sites.
Sever overload can cause total unavailability of services, including cPanel. But LVE works in conjunction with web-server's virtualhost configuration, so it is possible to access cPanel with IP address of your server when your accounts is overloaded in order to disable/modify scripts/addon domains and make part of web-content available again. You may notice red “CPU Usage”and “Entry Processes” fields at the left of the main cPanel page. These fields show current resource usage statistics for your account.

Diagnosing and resolving issues caused by overload.

LVE provides an easy way to check resource usage statistics that, indeed, may be what you need in some cases.
If SSH access is enabled for your account, you can easily check what scripts cause load using “top -c” command. The simplest way to disable use of a script is to rename it. Or create “Deny from all”(or another) directive record in .htaccess file from directory problem scripts resides in. If overload is caused by number of concurrent web-server requests but not memory overuse, and you do not know what site is causing this, please contact us at my.monstermegs.com. We will check web server logs, provide you with required information and assist further, or offer ways of resolving the case.

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