Miscellaneous License Information

Using The License

You will be prompted during the installation to provide your WHMCS license key. Use the one we provide you.
  • Ensure you use the license within 24hrs otherwise it may be re-assigned
  • Ensure this is the installation directory and URL you want to use as the license will bind itself to that directory/IP Address and URL.
  • Use it within the MonsterMegs network. You are not allowed to use your license outside of the MonsterMegs network unless you have explicitly received permission from WHMCS to do so. In which case you must provide us a link to the ticket to confirm.

Re-Issue Of A License

There may be a time where you change one of the aspects the license binds to. In which case, we will need to reissue the license. When you first use your WHMCS license, it will bind to the IP, directory and domain name. If any of those aspects change, you will receive a WHMCS invalid license error. To resolve this, you will need to reissue your license which will effectively unbound the license from the original details.

MonsterMegs customers will need to file a ticket with our billing department to get their WHMCS license reiisued.

Your license will then be reissued and will bind to the new installation details upon first use

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